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FAQs for Pet Owners

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How do I schedule a procedure for my pet if I am a pet owner?
Call your veterinarian. They can contact me through my website or by phone to schedule a procedure in your doctor’s office.
What does my dog need prior to surgery?

Prior to any surgical procedure, your pet should have a workup to ensure they are as healthy as possible. Your primary care doctors and surgery team need to be aware of any comorbidities or other health concerns. This allows us to use the best anesthesia protocol we can, specifically tailored to your pet’s needs. The only way for us to figure all this out is to ask for presurgical blood work tailored to your pet’s stage of life and radiographs (x-rays) of your pet’s heart and lungs. 1-6 years: complete blood count, chemistry profile, coagulation profile if warranted given breed. 7 years and up 3 thoracic radiographs; if cardiac abnormalities and ECG, blood pressure and echocardiogram; complete blood count, chemistry, coagulation profile if warranted; thyroid profile or total T4

What is important the day of surgery?

Please complete the drop-off information handout as well as the consent form. Please make sure your pet is clean prior to the day of surgery. Bath them a few days before. No food in the morning. You should stop feeding your pet by 10 pm the night before. Small amounts of water are fine. Please give and bring all medications unless you are instructed differently.